Why do I need to register / log on to access the Self-Audit Tool and IP Manifest?

In order to get your personalised report emailed to you and in order for you to save and update your IP Manifest.

Why was the IP Manifest designed?

Designed to support SMEs with their basic IP housekeeping and to make them more attractive to investors

Can I use the materials to teach a university class?

Yes as the materials are registered under a creative commons licence

Does the IP Manifest work on mobile phones / other devices?

Yes so you can still update your IP Manifest on the go!

I’ve forgotten my checklist – can I still work on the IP Manifest?

Yes –find a PDF of the checklist at the bottom of the IP Manifest Toolkit Page.

Where can I get further information?

Check out the Support Materials page or head to the IPO website.

I’ve forgot my login details – how can I access the site?

Your login is your email address plus password.

I’ve forgotten my password?

Don’t worry it happens – just click the forgotten password link.

Where can I get further information?

If you require further information please email us at help@ukgamesfund.com