About the Project

The project team working on the IP Manifest recently ran the UK Prototype Fund at Abertay University. The key objective of the UK Prototype Fund was to maximise the volume and quality of new games IP being created to improve the likelihood of some of that original IP becoming successful.

The fund helped over 70 companies across the UK with project finance for original IP development. This activity gave the project team insight into the challenges faced by many such businesses, with the majority identifying a range of issues and challenges in securing sufficient working capital.

As part of a number of UK Prototype Fund legacy projects we are undertaking we secured funding from the Intellectual Property Office’s Fast Forward 2014 Competition. Our project is designed to take a look at the context of digital asset housekeeping and associated investor and lender perceptions. This website and its outputs are the result of the work done on this project.

White paper

Specimen Games Case Study