Whoever you are the IP Manifest site is for you

  Posted by IP Manifest

As part of the research we did with companies that were part of the portfolio that the UK Prototype Fund invested in we got to meet content creators from a range of backgrounds. There's a wealth of different experience and talent out there. We designed this site with this experience in mind.

We used our interviews to scope out some consistent themes. We wanted to make sure that any tools we developed would be right for everyone. That's how the algorithms behind the Self Audit tool take account of our different audiences in their recommendations.

Take a look at the personas we've developed. It feels to us like your all part of the family.

The other real world information we used in our research was a fictitious company called Specimen Games Ltd. We created them based on the many different challenges we'd encountered during the UK Prototype Fund. It helped us get investors talking about specific issues. Specimen Games has IP too - a fictional game called Woodland Warriors. We even concocted a full set on management accounts. Having Specimen Games on board made our work with investors much easier. In fact the fiction was so real to some of our consultees that they were convinced that Specimen Games was a pseudonym for a company that they's met.