Looking after your intellectual property

  Posted by IP Manifest

Looking after your intellectual property (IP) is at the heart of being a creative craftsperson. Many creative people think that IP is just something for the suits to worry about. That's an incorrect assumption to make. A creative person should place the highest value possible on looking after their creative works. It should be second nature. Many digital content developers use agile type methodology to manage team based production. Whilst one of the principles of agile is to concentrate on working software rather than full documentation that also shouldn't be a reason to ignore the disciplines of good housekeeping with IP.

The IP Manifest has been designed for digital content creators. The simplicity of having three categories of IP to think about, along with the visual prompt of the chevron canvas, provides the simplest of reminders to look after all IP related matters. That means you can prioritise it around the more important things in your business. Read our article about Keeping Tabs on IP to learn more about how the IP Manifest works.

The IP Manifest allows you to retain an appropriate value around your creative endeavours. It also helps demonstrate to anyone you are trying to do a deal with whether publisher, investor or bank manager that you are serious about looking after what you make (and respecting creative work by others too).