IP checklists show that you mean business.

  Posted by IP Manifest

If you need to show a potential investor or a publisher that you are a professional creative entrepreneur, be first to the table with an IP checklist. We found in our research for this project that many investors - and plenty of platforms and publishers - use an IP checklist to kick off any due diligence they do. Being able to produce one early on in discussions will provide a lot of reassurance.

The minimum standard that most investors want to see is that you are making sure you don't infringe any third party IP. A checklist can remind you not to overlook licence conditions associated with tools and plug ins that could inhibit your rights to use them commercially. Likewise, third party content such as audio, video etc will come with use restrictions. If a failure in this area gets uncovered when you are pitching to a publisher it could derail the whole deal.

Once you've highlighted IP issues that need attention you can use our IP Manifest either online or as a wall canvas to remind you what needs doing. Read our article about Keeping tabs on IP to learn more about how the IP Manifest works.