How the manifest can help

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How the IP Manifest can help

There are many potential pitfalls when managing digital IP. Third party licences, employment contracts, trademarks, copyright to name just a few. But what if you could detail the complexities of your IP in a simple but comprehensive way that didn’t take you away from the core business of content development for any length of time? Good IP housekeeping will help your company grow. Extend your confidence as a creative craftsperson so that you intuitively know that your IP housekeeping is in order.

The IP Manifest toolset has been carefully designed to help you do just that – it’s an efficient way of helping you map and monitor your own company’s IP landscape and secure investment. What’s more, it’s completely free thanks to funding from the Intellectual Property Office. We’ve consulted with experts from across the games development and finance communities to ensure the IP Manifest serves everybody’s purpose well.

You can begin to use these business-changing tools today. Simply register your details to freely access the tools or read more details of the toolset.

Housekeeping made easy

Using the IPM self-audit tools, you can quickly and efficiently identify areas to focus on when planning the IP strategy for your business. You'll begin completing a short multiple-choice online assessment. You'll receive a report with a personalised detailed overview of your current IP management status. The report will highlight what you need to focus on as a growing business to improve your chance of securing investment with a solid strategy in place. The report includes a checklist that you can use to create your own IP Manifest. Your IP Manifest will become your live IP "to do" list.