IP Manifest Toolkit

We know that nothing sells to investors quite like a great idea, but without the back up and assurances of a solid IP management strategy your business is vulnerable. Do not underestimate the power of IP in your business' growth trajectory. Start today with the IP Manifest Toolkit.

As a registered user you have access to:

  • The IP Manifest (download and online versions)
  • The IP Self-Audit and resulting personalised IP report

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The IP Manifest

We know how complex the games development assets landscape can be, there's no set standard from game to game.

A simple way is to break your IP assets down into manageable chunks, the IP Manifest works as an aid for creators of IP to track and analyse their assets in three key areas:

1. Regulated

Trademarks, domains, patents, design rights, GTR/R&D tax credit certificates, etc

2. External

Open source, plug-ins, proprietary middleware, tools, etc

3. Controlled

Employment contracts, contractor agreements, directors' assignations, community data, etc

You don't need to be an expert in the field of IP to use the IP Manifest; all you need is an overview of the development of the IP and a good working knowledge of the tools used to create it. The IP Manifest itself couldn't be simpler to use - whether online or on the wall of your office, the IP Manifest is designed purely to act as a framework within which you can easily and efficiently map your assets

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The IP Self-Audit and Report

Are you looking for more than just a map outlining your assets?

The short and simple IP Self-Audit takes you through a series of multiple choice questions designed to help you identify unique areas of focus for your business as regards IP management. The IP report is personalised to you and your company and can act as a starting point for forward planning when it comes to IP management strategy improvement to increase chances of investment into your business.

IP Self-Audit and Report >