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It will take you about 30 minutes to answer the following questions. Each one has four options. There may be some that don't apply to your situation at the moment - if that is the case just choose amber to signify that your business hasn't reached that stage or situation yet.

Please read the questions carefully.

They have been randomised to keep you alert, so don't worry if the focus seems to jump around a bit. Try and be honest, particularly around the existence of hard copy records - just because you printed something once doesn't mean you could produce it during investment diligence checks! You can save and resume later if necessary.

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During our research - 5 distinct groups of people working within the games industry have been identified. Personas have been created for each group. Choose the one which best represents you to help you identify which areas of IP that you need to focus on. Find out more information on our personas HERE

NB: personas are not gender specific.

I've been focused on another part of the creative industries both as an employee and a freelancer. I'm pretty experienced in delivering good projects but less so in games.

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I'm an entrepreneur at heart. I really want to work with a creative development team and use my business ideas to make us all successful.

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I've been working for a while as a freelancer doing some contracting and work funded with grants. I'm quite open-minded about what projects I take on.

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I pursued a self-enterprise career pretty much straight after graduation as the freedom of self-employment appealed to me. It's still early days for my business.

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I'm pretty well experienced and have worked in a few different companies on large and small projects. It's good to be running my own business now but I have commitments that mean the viability of what we do is crucial.

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